Mobikwik grand slam offer

How To Play

  1. The game will be live from 16th December to 25th December
  2. The user must collect all the 9 letters of the phrase ‘MERRY XMAS’ in order to complete the game and claim the reward
  3. User can collect a letter only on a successful payment. In case of delayed payment success you would receive notification from us once you get the letter.
  4. In case of transaction refund, the letter received by the user on that payment will be taken back
  5. User must make a minimum transaction of Rs 20 to get a letter
  6. Users will get a letter only through payment against those services that are listed on the home screen of the game
  7. A user can get maximum 3 letters a day through a particular category of service
  8. The letters received on any payment will be completely random. MobiKwik does not guarantee the receipt of any particular letter on any payment
  9. A Secret Santa Card won on any transaction can not be used for self. User can only share it with friends
  10. Users can only use a Secrets Santa Card that they receive from a friend
  11. On claiming the reward, Rs 202.0 will be credited to the users’ MobiKwik wallet
  12. The users must complete their KYC to claim the reward. If users do not complete their KYC, the prize will not be credited to their MobiKwik wallet
  13. Once a user completes the game and claims the reward, they can not play the game again
  14. This offer is applicable only on the MobiKwik app, Android version. IOS users must stay tuned for updates
  15. MobiKwik reserves the right to discontinue the offer or modify/change these terms and conditions anytime during the offer period without any prior notice

How can I claim my reward ?
Once you collect all the 9 letters of the phrase ‘MERRY XMAS’ you can claim your prize of Rs 202. Click on ‘Claim your prize’ on the game screen and Rs 202.0 will be credited to your MobiKwik wallet.

Can I exchange a letter with my friends?
No. You can not exchange letters with your friends. You can not send a letter you have with a friend. However, you can send your friend a Secret Santa Card through which your friend can get a letter of their choice.
Is there any minimum amount of transaction to earn a letter ?
Yes, you need to do a minimum transaction of Rs 20 each time to earn a new letter within the offer period.

Can I share the Secret Santa Card with multiple friends ?
Yes. You can share the Secret Santa card with multiple contacts at the same time. However, only one of your friends can use a particular card. If one friend has already used your gifted card, the other friends can not use the same card.